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Connecting & Supporting Mums – A Journey to Sustainability

Acorns Parent & Toddler Group

Between 2012-2015 we have, on occasions, funded Acorns Parent and Toddler Group.  Finance has gone towards helping to fund Christmas parties and contributed to two salaries, initially, to allow  Acorns to become established.

Due to the initial investment this community project has now become self-sustainable.

With the supportive funding the Parent and Toddler Group has been able to increase the quality of its service and its support within the community, with just over 230 families on the books in 2015 alone. With the addition of the coffee bar to their service, providing barista style coffee and a selection of cakes, this has allowed Acorns to become financially self-sustaining, whilst maintaining its affordability.

“Acorns is a life-saver to our family. The community centre is a lovely big space, where parents can socialise over a coffee.”
– Acorns parent

This facility has become a much needed service amongst parents, providing a place to connect with each other, a precious moment to socialise and gain a sense of self and support.

“I love coming to Acorns, we use it at least twice a week, sometimes more. It is a much-valued opportunity for adult socialising as well as child play, which is essential. Child-rearing can be very solitary, and the centre is ideal, it is vital to have so much space…In short, these facilities are essential.”
– Acorns parent

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Dramatic Growth for the Boxing Club

Falmouth and Penryn Amateur Boxing Club (abc) has seen dramatic growth since receiving a grant of £1000 from Penryn Treasures two years ago.

The grant was used to buy new sparring gloves and equipment to make training safer and more effective, as well as some being invested in a range of club clothing, which was sold to members. It also helped cover aba affiliation costs and generating advertising for the club.

In April 2014, the club successfully held their first boxing tournament, a feat only possible thanks to the increased membership and development of the club.

The tournament was a resounding success, with further interest in boxing generated across the community of Falmouth and Penryn, leading to more people from all backgrounds attending training sessions, for numerous reasons, such as, to compete, get fitter, become part of a community, or build self confidence and discipline.

One of our younger boxers, Lewis Rollason was selected to represent Cornwall at the annual County Tournament, and was also made team captain for the night! Lewis’ success has generated interest amongst his peer group and we have a group of youngsters hoping to box next season, who came to training sessions initially to see what their classmate was doing, or to spar with him!

We have now successfully hosted three tournaments, with ten boxers representing the club last season and often have thirsty plus people attending training sessions, enough to comfortably cover our costs, where three years ago we were struggling.

The club is hoping, in the near future, to be involved in further growth and development with the Dracena Centre, to provide more sessions and even better facilities for members to train with. Our management team can now boast having Gerald Pitts, director of Falmouth Docks, as Chairperson and Sue Stuart, director of Cargo Clothing, as Treasurer.
Their experience and expertise has brought our organisation on in leaps and bounds, giving us a strong approach to fresh projects and challenges.

We currently have two qualified coaches at every session, Chris Martin and Dan Coles, backed up by Charlie Black, Nick Brown and Toni Partridge on a regular basis. It is hoped that a further two or three of our members will gain aba qualification for the coming season, to help increase both coaching cover and the range of training we can offer all sections of the community.

Richard Lister, Secretary of abc